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FH Joanneum / University of Applied Sciences
FH Joanneum is a relatively young institution with an already widespread network of international partner institutions in higher education (currently about 50 institutions worldwide, mainly in Europe) with which a multitude of activities, including student exchanges are executed.

FH Joanneum acts as applicant of the project. In addition to its teaching activities, the degree programme „International Management“ conducts research and development within the scope of its transfercentre. According to the requirements which result from the suggestions of the development team, the strategical orientation of the degree programme and the demands of the public (companies, public institutions, cooperation-partners and potential funding partners) the following areas are primarily worked upon: Learning and teaching in international and intercultural context; start-ups and entrepreneurship; internationalisation of small and medium enterprises (SME); quality standards for higher education, innovation policy and regional development; management potential and personnel selection; development and implementation of seminars and courses.

Dr. Gerhard Apfelthaler (chair of department), MMag. Christa Mueller and Dr. Martin Neubauer are colleagues at the Department of International Management which does not only deliver one of FH Joanneum's study programs, but also houses extensive international management research and international study program activities. All have extensive international experience in research and development projects on the global (e.g. ALFA, EU-ASEAN. EU-INDIA), regional (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig) and local (e.g Zukunftsfonds des Landes Steiermark) level. MMag. Mueller's main contribution on the local level will confer with her role as a project manager at the Department of International Management. All will also play a major role in the local (Austrian) dissemination of the results of the project through information and training.

E-Learning concepts Rietsch KEG (ELC)
E-Learning concepts Rietsch KEG is a private SME, founded in Austria in 1995. The firm is specialized in the development of e-Learning. The key persons have long term “own” professional educational and training experience, the firm`s major strengths is it`s multimedia-didactical competence. The produced applications are tailored for continuing education of employees. The company is a well-known E-Learning specialist on tailored learning applications for continuing education in Austria (Labour Market Agency, Education Institute of the Chamber of Commerce, Banks, High-Tech firms, City Vienna etc.). The firm co-operates since 1995 with the Institute of Small Business at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna and has been engaged in various EC-Projects, e.g. FP6 project SME environment. It has been a contractor and co-ordinator of the Leonardo Projects TOOL&MODEL (1996) and the project TOGETHER (1999), it was a project partner in Performance Bridge ( LdV, 2002), NEWorker (LdV, 2003), EDUET (MINERVA, 2004), B-Learning for all (LdV 2006) and coordinates the projects ADysTrain (LdV 2006) and E-DysGate (GRUNDTVIG 2006). The managing partner of the firm, Ms Petra Rietsch, is an experienced project manager. She is a docent at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna, a trainer on E-Business and TRIZ and the current president of the Austrian TRIZ Competence Centre. Ms Rietsch published several articles on E-Learning.
Verein Spunk
zur Umsetzung von innovativen, padagogischen, kultur- und sozialpolitischen Projekten
„Verein Spunk“ is a non-profit association. Its contribution to „AdysTrain“ is grafic and design support by his members Elisabeth Kaziz-Hitz and Eva Riemer. The two have a twenty-year-long experience in grafic-design & text with clients in cultural, social and educational areas.
Since 1990 Infoart have been successfully working in the field of Information Technologies implementing them in the everyday practice. Whenever Infoart develops projects in electronic publishing technologies, multimedia, e-learning or e-business systems the emphasize is to establish a productive collaboration with the partners in order to achieve the most effective results. For the past 14 years the company has proven to be an effective and reliable participant in research and applied projects of the EC programmes, international and national institutions, universities and private companies.
SUELL Team ApS is a private firm founded in Denmark in 1995.
The core services of SUELL Team
International projects
Our areas of expertise:
Education, psychology, pedagogy and organisation.
Integration on the labour market of marginalized people
Volunteer work
Our costumers:
Municipalities, NGO, children’s home, youth homes, rehabilitation centers, institutions of education for people with special needs and projects
Confederacion de Empresarios de Aragon
The Aragon Regional Confederation of Businessmen (crea) is a professional organization made up of the three Aragonese provincial confederations: Huesca (the Business Confederation of the Province of Huesca, or CEOS); Teruel (the Teruel Business Confederation, or CET); and Zaragoza (the Confederation of Businessmen of Zaragoza, or CEZ) and CEPYME.

The three member confederations are comprised of the different sector federations and associations, plus businesses not belonging to any specific sector but lying within the Confederationa’s territory.

Thus CREA is one the most representative business organizations at the national level, grouping together close to 170 associations, which means that around 26,000 Aragonese businesses operate under its wing.

CREA’s objectives are: To boost and collaborate on the balanced development of the region of Aragon and to defend free enterprise in a market economy system, to represent and defend the group interests of Aragonese business, to encourage the principle of unity and solidarity among businesses, to promote unity among businessmen and their active participation in solving the regiona’s problems, to make Aragona’s presence in Europe a reality, along with the presence of the Aragonese businessman, for the defense, foment and development of our regiona’s business sector.

In short, CREA is the Aragoneses businessmana’s only interlocutor for the defense, foment and development of our regiona’s business sector.

TKK Dipoli
Teknillinen korkeakoulu Koulutuskeskus Dipoli
Helsinki University of Technology
Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli
Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli (TKK Dipoli), an adult education unit of Helsinki University of Technology, founded in the early 1980’s, is one of the largest continuing education providers among universities in its field in Europe. The Institute employs some 100 staff members. In 2002, the number of courses totalled 245, and almost 5000 people joined our courses and programmes. The annual turnover is 11,5 million euros (2002).

Specialising in technology and business know-how, HUT Dipoli is a designer and producer of lifelong learning and professional development courses and programmes. Making use of its international networks, the technological know-how of the university staff, and the business experience of industries, HUT Dipoli seeks to support business management and technological development. Our courses and programmes are designed to meet the changing needs of our customers. Provision is made for individuals, business organisations and professional groups. Our customers also include the Finnish public sector.

Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung gGmbH
The Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb), the Research Institute for Vocational Training, is a non-profit limited liability partnership fully owned by the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) e.V., a training centre operated by representatives of the Bavarian economy.
The f-bb is concerned with a wide portfolio of research and development projects on vocational education and training at regional, national and international level. Most of the projects are undertaken in cooperation with commercial, industrial and craft trade enterprises, other research institutes, vocational training institutions or schools providing vocational education. he tasks carried out by the f-bb include alongside basic research and model tests on vocational education and training, the design of case studies, the conduct of empirical surveys as well as the evaluation and scientific coaching of projects. Primary research interests are focussed on the relationship of new forms of work organisations, VET and new media and methods.
About 50 research scientists are currently working in the f-bb. It is an interdisciplinary staff including social, economic and work scientists and vocational educational professionals. The extensive experience and expertise of the institute's human resources in charge of executing a given assignment, as well as its institutional embedding enable the f-bb to successfully еxecute the assignment and to widely publish the results relevant to experts in a differentiated form.
GNW kft.
"EURO-training" is a non profit making and non-governmental organization, founded in 2004 and located in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. The organisation main goals are connected with promoting and supporting of different kind and forms of training activities.
The main areas of activities and fields of experience:
Promoting and enhancing of democratic and social values
Realisation of training programs and social activities for young people and adults
Professional guidance and consulting of young people and adults
Human resource development
Training of disadvantaged people, disadvantaged women, equal opportunities
Motivation training of people with disabilities
Intercultural learning, vocational training, life-long learning
Social, educational and labour integration of people with disabilities
International projects initiating, development and implementation
Project management
The ambitious members have an experience participating in a lot European programs and initiatives, such as TEMPUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI, JOINT ACTIONS and SOCRATES.
Ibis Creative Consultants Ltd
Dr Ian Smythe, director of Ibis, has an international reputation for the development of dyslexia resources, both in print and in electronic form as well providing training and consultancy to governments, NGOs and institutions. He was co-editor of the International Book of Dyslexia, and designed and developed the Dyslexia Handbook for the British Dyslexia Association. He has lectured, consulted and developed resources widely in Europe as well as internationally including Brazil, Canada, China and Hong Kong. Recent projects managed include multinational academic research projects, a pan-European EU funded project on software for dyslexic students, computerised resource development including web-based assessment tool in many different languages, and paper- and CD-based resources for teaching students in Hong Kong. Recent training for those supporting dyslexic individuals has included work in Brazil, China, Greece, Hong Kong Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden. Contact: Dr Ian Smythe
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